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The dog you see at the top is Chica, and she’s the reason that I bought Fifi & Fidos Pet Boutique & Holistic Nutrition Center. I know that may seem silly, but it’s the truth. She’d been badly abused and abandoned and I just couldn’t face leaving her home alone all day. I bought the store so I could bring her to work with me. Chica had had a really tough life before we found each other, and I wanted to make sure that I found the best of everything to make her life better – the best food, the best toys…well, I’m sure you get the idea. I went to all the big box stores and found a lot of stuff, but I never found the right combination of quality goods, quality advice, and quality service to made me feel sure that I was doing the right thing for my pup. Then, I found Fifi & Fidos Pet Boutique – they had exactly what I had been looking for. A year later, I was able to purchase the store, and in the process found my calling.

I know I can’t change the world, but I can help to improve the quality of life of the pets I come in contact with, and the people who love them. While we have a lot of fun, funny, and sometimes frivolous products at Fifi & Fidos, in the end, it is the health and welfare of our four-legged friends that is our most important goal.

I made a commitment when I bought the store to carry only the best food and treats, and to offer organic products and products made in the U.S. whenever possible. The vendors I work with have the highest quality standards in their industries, so you can feel confident in feeding their products to your pets. All of our other products are top quality, and most of our vendors contribute in one way or the other to animal welfare programs on a local or national level.

I also made a commitment to help those less fortunate animals find their “forever homes”, and to that end, work with various shelters and rescue groups to have in-store adoption events throughout the year. If you come to any Pawty or event at the store, please know that a portion of the proceeds of any sales made during that event will go to one of those shelters or rescue groups.

My staff and I want you to feel at home here. You and your furry friends are VIPs to us, and we want to make sure that you always feel welcome here. You and your pets are our top priority, and we consider you to be part of the Fifi & Fidos family. We encourage you to bring your pets with you when you shop – we love making new friends!

If there is something that you need that we don’t have in the store, just ask. We really do specialize in special orders here, and we can more than likely find exactly what you’re looking for.

Come visit us soon. The “woof” you’ll hear as you enter the store will be Chica saying “Hi”!

Diana Farrar

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We love all of our local pet parents in the greater San Antonio area and nearby areas including Boerne, Bulverde, Selma, and more!

Come visit our pet supply store in San Antonio, TX specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.